Argan Community: Nutrition and Health



750,000 hectares in the triangle of Essaouira, Agadir and Taroudant, occupies the mystic planting Argan tree.

From the Sapotaceae family, is particularly resistant to dry and arid conditions of this area. You can actually tolerate temperatures ranging from 3 to 50° C and is suitable for a very low level of rainfall.

Argan grows in arid and semiarid regions of southwestern Morocco, which represents an irreplaceable part in the ecological balance and safeguarding biodiversity.

With its powerful root system contributes to the maintenance of the land, allowing combat water erosion and wind threatening to desertizar much of that area.

In 1998, UNESCO and the Moroccan state classified the argan tree as a biosphere reserve.


People economy. ARGAN.

The oil production ensures the livelihood of 3 million people, of whom 2.2 million are from rural areas. Argan tree productions provide more than 20 million working days and generate 7 million jobs, especially for women in the region, just by extraction of Argan oil.

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